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Skin Care equals Self Care - Here's a little issue I had and how I dealt with it :)

I have shared my skin care routine a couple of times but this time I want to talk about HYPERPIGMENTATION.

"Hyperpigmentation - patches of skin that appear darker than the surrounding skin."

Over a year ago I noticed little brown spots appearing on my forehead very close to the hair line... It was not the best of days...

I had two choices 1. panic (drama queen what can I say!) or 2. ask for help from the most impressive professionals in the skin care/ beauty industry :)

Thanks to Claire Rizzo at Metropolis Pharma Ltd & Dr. Joanna Delia (including her awesome team) at People and Skin, I received the best advice I could ever get!

A skin care routine specifically targeting pigmentation spots!

URIAGE have a product line to say bye bye to those brown spots YEAH!


- start off your day with:


I absolutely love this product! It is hypoallergenic and rich in thermal water.

This is a creamy lightweight and delicately scented foam that cleanses and purifies the skin. BONUS POINTS: It adds a radiant glow to the complexion.

Once again it's their secret ingredient that brings so much hydration to the skin: Uriage Thermal Water that moisturises the skin, as it simply brightens and illuminates the face! It's all thanks to the properties of Triage Thermal Water which purifies the skin, while evening out my complexion - (and that is what I want - an even colour all round)!


Once you're done cleansing it's time to protect your skin for the rest of the day and that's when one of my favourite moisturisers, comes in!

Once again it's their secret ingredient that brings so much hydration to the skin: Uriage Thermal Water that moisturises the skin, corrects brown spots and evens the complexion."Its formula combining anti-brown spots, soothing and antioxidant active ingredients evens out pigmentation and alleviates defects due to pigmentation."

BONUS POINTS: Very high protection UVA-UVB SPF50+ "Its filtering complex protects the skin from UV and free-radicals to prevent the appearance of brown spots." Perfect protection from the Maltese sun.

Aren't you already in LOVE <3 Now you're ready to start your day feeling Luminous & Fresh. Don't forget to give love to your eye bags with Teoxane's tinted RHA Eye Contour.


- say goodnight with:

I usually remove my make up using Teoxane's Micellar Water and cleanse my face with Brightening Cleansing Foam by Uriage.

Finally it's this bad ass product that completes this skin care routine - its the one and only:


"This product is ultra concentrated in anti-brown spot active ingredients to effectively correct local brown spots by greatly reducing their size and intensity."

In other words it corrects brown spots and evens out pigmentation :D

Lastly before I hit the sack, I moisturise with Teoxane's Perfect Skin Refiner - Night Cream, the day is done feeling calm and smooth :)

I've been using these products on my brown spots and I do see a difference - it's important to keep at your skin care regime -

Also I do believe that self love starts from the inside out but, hey there's nothing wrong in wanting to feel great by looking great!

If you need any advice or perhaps want a more targeted treatment/approach book a free consultation with Dr. Joanna Delia & her team at People and Skin +356 9998 5130

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